LED Lighting Limited Warranty

With low prices on new fixtures and incredible energy efficiency savings the US market is experiencing an explosion in LED retrofit opportunities with an estimated $200b value for all LED Applications.

Energy efficiency and pure cost savings allow users to
fund system replacement through significant reductions in utility costs.

Industrial Lighting for warehouses and factories, Commercial Lighting for retail and office environments and Exterior Lighting for parking lots, garages, exterior building lights and outdoor venues are all experiencing rapid adoption.

Single One-Time Cost
For a single one-time payment, based on the price of the LED lighting fixture, a Limited Warranty extension provides coverage for up to 10 years after a short OEM retention period. This innovative solution allows an OEM to offer a competitive Limited Warranty and not be required to maintain a claims reserve on their balance sheet beyond the retention.

End Users enjoy a long term Limited Warranty allowing them to capitalization the product expense for the entire Limited Warranty term. Check with your accounting advisors to determine the appropriate accounting method.

5 - 10 Years of Coverage Available
Various programs exist providing coverage for parts, labor or parts & labor for 5-10 years from the original installation date. The term includes the original manufacturer’s warranty retention. The program covers mechanical and/or electrical failures and when purchased, labor coverage may be included as well.

Fully Underwritten Solution
These programs utilize an admitted insurance carrier and the obligations of the Limited Warranty are insured by a contractual liability reimbursement insurance policy.

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