Identity Theft Resolution Services

Identity Theft continues to grow in the United States and it is far beyond a financial only crime. Today, Identity Theft may impact banking, credit card, employment, government and medical records.

Identity Theft begins when an individual’s personal identifying information is used by an impostor. This information includes Social Security numbers, Driver's License numbers, Bank Account numbers and Credit Card numbers for example. This information can be obtained from lost or stolen purses or wallets, taken off documents in your mail, a data breach, online and telephone scams or simply from material in your trash.

Breaches involving Social Security numbers continue to be one of the most damaging to victims but many other forms of identity are being stolen and used today from individuals of all ages.

Personal Safeguards Group, LLC ("PSG") utilizes a consumer oriented Usage based Identity Theft Resolution solution for affinity oriented companies.

Instead of a program that companies give to their customers and then never again discuss or communicate to their customers the PSG solution includes branded monthly communication notices and website & app based solutions.

For pennies per customer per month PSG clients provide a valuable solution to their clients and continue to benefit from the positive affinity through branded communication. In the event the resolution solution is needed, the customer is assisted by highly skilled and experienced advocates.

PSG's ID Theft Resolution Services is highly configurable and may include the following options:

  • Black Market Scan
  • Web site with news and updates.
  • Monthly personal status updates.
  • Assignment of a personal Identity Theft advocate to help through the recovery process.
  • Provides a recovery kit with a limited power of attorney form and instructions for immediate action.
  • Places fraud alerts at all three major credit bureaus.
  • Contact with the Social Security Administration, United States Postal Service and DMV to correct inaccurate information.
  • Research and document fraudulent transactions, false accounts or contracts to remove incorrect activity from personal records.
See full description of coverage for complete details.

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